Eliza Bennett
Job Title
Front-End Developer

Eliza is our Front-End Developer. She specializes in implementing designs with programming languages such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript into interfaces that users are able to view and interact with. 

In previous work, she has been a part of app implementation and research projects at the University of Maine where her role has been ideating, designing, and implementing front-end prototypes. These have been presented at the University of Maine Student Symposium over the course of her undergraduate career. Eliza is also currently using these user experience design and research skills to build an installation for the Maine Discovery Museum.

She is currently a commuter student, attending the University of Maine. She plans on graduating the New Media program in May of 2020 with minors in human computer interaction and studio art. When Eliza is not working or in class, she is probably running, drawing, reading, listening to music, or hanging out with her puppy Ziggy (after Ziggy Stardust).