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Lots of people in the Drupal community are eager to learn React these days, following Dries's announcement that React is coming to Drupal. At NEDCamp in 2018 I presented on how to dip your toe into embedding a react application into a Drupal framework.
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We recently ran into a situation in which we wanted to override this configuration in order to disable a plugin. There is some information in this build-config.js file about replacing it with a non-minified build for development purposes, but nothing about overriding it. Here's how we did it.

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Redfin will be presenting a session there on our toe-dipping foray into the world of "progressively decoupling" Drupal. Recently, I was on an episode to explore a little bit more about React and Drupal together--this should whet your appetite for the session at NEDCamp.

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At Redfin, we've tried a number of these tools, including Sam Richard's Style Prototyping approach, and attended trainings for Pattern Lab. What attracted me to Herman was the common predicament of the small-to-medium project and its budget's ability (or inability) to deliver on these prototypes.
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The team at Redfin Solutions has benefitted from Drupal since 2005. Every year, we give back to the Drupal community, and 2017 allowed us to contribute in a variety of ways.
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Have you ever posted a link to facebook and wondered where the image comes from in the post preview? Ever wondered if this image is even correct or relevant to what you are posting?
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Redfin has implemented many Drupal 8 migrations to date both from CSV data sources and legacy Drupal sites (Drupal 6 and 7). As a result, we want to share with you what we've learned in hopes of saving you the time often spent in the trials and errors of data migration.
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A twig template modification added tabbing capability to the accordion and with just a few lines of javascript we invoked a click event listener on a return/enter keypress event to show/hide accordion content.
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In CiviCRM, there's a feature called "Smart Groups," which lets you automatically create a group of contact records based on a search criteria. Maybe it's a tag, maybe it's a certain type of contact, or maybe it's members from a certain region.
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Salesforce Suite is a group of modules for Drupal that allows for pulling data from Salesforce into Drupal, as well as pushing data from Drupal to Salesforce. In this blog post, we’ll look at using that hook to pull three Salesforce custom fields (select lists) into Drupal as taxonomy terms in three vocabularies.